About the Homestead

Maple Lane Homestead was established in 1992. We started out with a few chickens and some horses. In 1994, I began to wonder if the food we were consuming was contributing to the erratic behavior of our youngest son (it was!) and so began my quest. We now have a very large organic garden and raise all of our own meat. We purchase what we cannot grow from a monthly coop.

In 1996 we added fiber animals to our farm. The first to come were Jacob sheep and angora rabbits. My love of spinning and knitting were the main reason but then as we became more interested in raising our own food it seemed we should go with more dual purpose animals. So in 2007 the Jacobs were replaced with the Icelandic sheep, we felt the versatility of this breed was more suited to us. I still get my beautful fiber and we also have lean tasty meat as well as milk if need be.

As the years have progressed many animals have come to join our homestead. Some we no longer raise, like rabbits and others have gone full circle and are back again. Our farm constantly changes as our needs change. The health of our animals is of the utmost importance to us. We practice pasture rotation and grow all of our own hay. We know that happy, healthy animals provide nutritious meat, milk and eggs.