Maple Lane Homestead has become a full time job! Our goal  has always been to raise high quality breeding stock and to raise as much of our own food as possible.  We have managed to become quite self-sufficient over the years!

Our dream is to have the farm support itself and to be able to work from here instead of heading off to a “real” job each day. We hope to accomplish this by raising exceptional livestock and wholesome organic foods and offer them to you.

We are very pleased with what we have accomplished thus far. We have a wide variety of heritage and dual purpose livestock for sale as well as many fine by-products from them, including fiber, meats and handcrafted goat milk soaps.  We also have organic produce, organic seasonal plant starts, organic breads and free range eggs. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.



We use only the highest quality ingredients.  All of the grains we use are ground just before baking to insure delicious fresh flour with no chance of rancidity. The grains are all organic or certified chemical free. Our honey is from a local bee keeper. In recipes calling for white flour we use only unbleached organic from a local mill. All other ingredients, 7 grain, oatmeal, flax, ect. are organic as well. We use only non GMO canola oil.

Not all breads are baked on all days so if you have a favorite or something special you need you may want to order ahead. We usually only need a 24 hour notice.  Sourdough is usually only available on Saturdays, however with a 3 day notice we can do special orders.

Breads are large  9×5 loaves and can be purchased at the Bradford Store in Huntersville or special ordered direct from the farm. All are $6.00. Farm pickups require a 2 loaf minimum of the same variety.

Varieties Offered:

Homestyle – our original recipe!! 2/3 freshly ground whole wheat, 1/3 white flour. Good sandwich bread, light enough even whole wheat doubters will love it.

Cinnamon Swirl – our homestyle bread packed full of organic cinnamon and organic sugar. A real treat!

7 Grain Bread – made with organic 7 grain cereal.  Light in texture with a bit of crunch. Good sandwich bread.

Oatmeal Bread – a light and tasty all purpose bread.

100% White Wheat Bread – freshly ground prarie gold whaet berries with no added white flour.

100% Red Wheat Bread – freshly ground red wheat berries. A much more intense wheat flavor and a bit heavier than other breads. Very yummy!

100% Spelt  Bread – this is a smaller loaf, 8×4,  made with butter and freshly ground spelt. A delicious nutty tasting bread. Better toasted as spelt can be a bit crumbly.

Herb Bread – 100% white bread made with our fresh milk, butter and herbs. Smells like pizza! Excellent for sandwiches, especially a fresh ‘mater sandwich in the summer.

Sourdough – a light fluffy and sweet bread. Definitely a customer favorite.


Please contact for availability.


Our hens are allowed to range a 7 acre pasture. They are fed all of our own kitchen  and garden scraps. Very little supplemental food is needed and the end result is delicious flavor and those bright orange yolks full of added nutrition.

The Bradford StoreConrad Hinkle


 Our soaps are handcrafted in small batches using goat milk produced right here on the homestead.  We use only natural  botanicals to color, no dyes ever! Most all are made with essential oils.  A few customer favorites using fragrance oils have remained due to high demand. Soaps are sold at the Bradford Store in Huntersville and at Conrad and Hinkle in Lexington, NC. They can also be purchased through our Etsy shop or direct from the farm.



Our sheep produce a lovely crop of wool twice a year.  Handspinners are welcome to come to the farm at shearing time to help with the shearing and pick a fleece at a reduced price! We offer raw fleeces, roving and a variety of handspun and commercially yarns. Fiber products can be purchased through our Etsy shop or direct from the farm.