Icelandic Sheep

Icelandic sheep are a triple purpose breed, producing fiber, meat and milk. Their dual coated fleece is soft and lustrous.  The fine soft undercoat is called thel and the coarser outer coat is called tog. Many knitters know Icelandic wool as “Lopi”. Icelandics come in a wide range of colors and patterns- one of the first things to attract us! Their meat is mild and lean. Icelandic milk is rich, smooth and creamy and produces wonderful cheese, yogurt and soap.

Our goal here on the farm is to raise healthy, productive stock. In addition to all of the above tributes we are commited to raising sheep that are parasite and heat resistant -a must here in the sunny south. We also focus on calm and mild mannered animals. When raising animals for breeding stock, we have always culled heavily  in an effort to raise the healthiest animals possible with the least amount of “help” from the shepherdess.

The number of sheep here varies in size from year to year but for the most part we number around to 15-20 head. Our flock has a wide variety of genetics as we have traveled far and wide to add quality sheep to our breeding program. All of our sheep are registered with the Canadian Livestock Records Corp.  and we are memebers of the Icelandic Sheep Breeders Assoc.

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We reserve the right to refuse sales to anyone that may not seem a fit owner and/or have the animals best interest at heart.

A 25% non-refundable deposit is required to hold animals of your choice. Maple Lane Homestead guarantees the health of your animal and will replace any animal that has a congenital defect but cannot replace due to owner neglect.